Sh2-12 (Emission Nebula)

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Emission Nebula (散光星雲)

別名 (Other names)

Sharpless 12, Sh 2-12, RCW 132, Gum 67

星座 (Constellation)
さそり座 (Sco) (Scorpius)

座標 (Coordinates)
(355.4°, 0.2°)

距離 (Distance)

Sh2-12 (RCW 132) is an emission nebula in the constellation Scorpius.

Sh2-12 (Emission Nebula) : Picture

Sh2-12 (Emission Nebula)
Sh2-12 (Emission Nebula)
This diffuse nebula is ionised by the binary O-star (O7V + O7V) HD 159176 in the star cluster NGC 6383.

The massive OB cluster Trumpler 27 visible towards the edge of this nebula lies at a distance of 1211 pc according to Kharchenko.

A 2008 paper by Piskunov, Schilbach, and Kharchenko et. al. finds that NGC 6383 has about 400 solar masses and Trumpler 27 has about 1600 solar masses. Although both clusters appear to lie at about the same distance, it is the less massive cluster that ionises the nebula, presumably because HD 159176 lies within a large cloud of molecular hydrogen but the area around Trumpler 27 is clear of such gas.

Sh2-12 (Emission Nebula) : Movie

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