NGC 6782 (Barred Spiral Galaxy)

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NGC 6782
Barred Spiral Galaxy (棒渦巻銀河)
Gx SBa

別名 (Other names)
PGC 63168, ESO 142-1, FAIR 57

明るさ (Brightness)

星座 (Constellation)
くじゃく座 (Pav) (Pavo)

距離 (Distance)
1億8,000万光年 (180 million light-years)

NGC 6782 is a barred spiral galaxy located 180 million light years from the Earth in the constellation Pavo.

NGC 6782 (Barred Spiral Galaxy) : Picture

The Galactic Ring of NGC 6782
Do spiral galaxies look the same in every color? NGC 6782 demonstrates colorfully that they do not. In visible light, NGC 6782 appears to be a normal spiral galaxy with a bright bar across its center. In ultraviolet light, however, the central region blossoms into a spectacular and complex structure highlighted by a circumnuclear ring, as shown in the above representative color Hubble Space Telescope image. Many of the young stars that formed in a recent burst of star formation emit the ultraviolet light. Astronomers are studying possible relationships between the central bar and the ring. Light we see today from NGC 6782 left about 180 million years ago, while dinosaurs roamed the Earth. The galaxy spans about 80,000 light-years and can be seen with a telescope toward the constellation of Pavo.

NGC 6782 (Barred Spiral Galaxy) : Movie

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