NGC 1132 (Elliptical Galaxy)

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NGC 1132
Elliptical Galaxy (楕円銀河)
Gx E

別名 (Other names)
PGC 10891, UGC 2359, MCG 0-8-40

明るさ (Brightness)

星座 (Constellation)
エリダヌス座 (Eri) (Eridanus)

距離 (Distance)
3億光年 (300 million light-years)

NGC 1132 is an elliptical galaxy located 300 million light years from the Earth in the constellation Eridanus.

NGC 1132 (Elliptical Galaxy) : Picture

Elliptical Galaxy NGC 1132
Elliptical Galaxy NGC 1132
(C) NASA, ESA, M. West (ESO, Chile), and CXC / Penn. State / G. Garmire, et al.
NGC 1132 is one smooth galaxy -- but how did it form? As an elliptical galaxy, NGC 1132 has little dust and gas, and few stars have formed in it recently. Although many elliptical galaxies are in clusters of galaxies, NGC 1132 appears as a large, isolated galaxy toward the constellation Eridanus. To probe the history of this intriguing trillion-star ball, astronomers imaged NGC 1132 in both visible light with the Hubble Space Telescope and X-ray light with the Chandra X-ray Observatory. In this composite false-color image, visible light is white, while the X-ray light is blue and indicates the unusual presence of very hot gas. The X-ray light also likely traces out the location of dark matter. One progenitor hypothesis is that NGC 1132 is the result of a series of galaxy mergers in what once was a small group of galaxies. NGC 1132 is over 300 million light years away, so the light we see from it today left before dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Many fascinating background galaxies can be seen far in the distance.

Elliptical Galaxy NGC 1132
Elliptical Galaxy NGC 1132

NGC 1132 (Elliptical Galaxy) : Movie

Hubblecast 13: Gargantuan galaxy NGC 1132 - A cosmic fossil
The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has captured a new image of the galaxy NGC 1132 which is most likely to be a "cosmic fossil" ? the aftermath of an enormous multi-galactic pile-up, where the carnage of collision after collision has built up a brilliant but fuzzy giant elliptical galaxy far outshining typical galaxies.
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