CRL 618 (Westbrook Nebula)

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CRL 618
Westbrook Nebula (ウェストブルック星雲)
Planetary Nebula (惑星状星雲)
Protoplanetary Nebula (原始惑星状星雲)

別名 (Other names)
IRAS 04395+3601, 2MASS J04425364+3606534, RAFGL 618

Westbrook Nebula (CRL 618) is a planetary nebula.

CRL 618 (Westbrook Nebula) : Picture

Planetary Nebula CRL 618
Emerging Planetary Nebula CRL 618
(C) Susan R. Trammell (UNC Charlotte) et al., ESAIC, HST, ESA, NASA
CRL 618 may look to some like an Olympian declaring victory. Only a few hundred years ago, however, CRL 618 appeared as a relatively modest red giant star. Since then it has run out of core material to fuse and so has started to become a planetary nebula. In its current proto-planetary nebula phase, CRL 618 is evolving quickly, expelling hot gasses in complex jets and rings moving outwards faster than 700,000 kilometers per hour. In a few thousand years, the glowing core of the cool red giant will be bare, revealing a hot white dwarf star. Much remains unknown about planetary nebulae formation, including details of how geometries like this form. Perhaps one day some part of this nebula will be able to declare victory - CRL 618 has an extraordinary abundance of carbon-chain molecules.

CRL 618

CRL 618 (Westbrook Nebula) : Movie

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