Arp 236 (Interacting Galaxy)

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Arp 236 (IC 1623)
Interacting Galaxy (相互作用銀河)
G Pair

別名 (Other names)
IC 1623, IC 1623A/B, PGC 4007, VV 114

明るさ (Brightness)


星座 (Constellation)
くじら座 (Cet) (Cetus)

距離 (Distance)
3億光年 (300 million light-years)

Arp 236 (IC 1623) is an interacting galaxy located 300 million light years from the Earth in the constellation Cetus.

Arp 236 (Interacting Galaxy) : Picture

Interacting Galaxy IC 1623
Interacting Galaxy IC 1623
(C) NASA, ESA, the Hubble Heritage (STScI/AURA)-ESA/Hubble Collaboration, and A. Evans (University of Virginia, Charlottesville/NRAO/Stony Brook University)
IC 1623 is an interacting galaxy system that is very bright when observed in the infrared. One of the two galaxies, the infrared-bright, but optically obscured galaxy VV 114E, has a substantial amount of warm and dense gas. Warm and dense gas is also found in the overlap region connecting the two nuclei. Observations further support the notion that IC 1623 is approaching the final stage of its merger, when a violent central inflow of gas will trigger intense starburst activity that could boost the infrared luminosity above the ultra-luminous threshold. The system will likely evolve into a compact starburst system similar to Arp 220. IC 1623 is located about 300 million light-years away from Earth.

Interacting Galaxy IC 1623
Interacting Galaxy IC 1623

Arp 236 (Interacting Galaxy) : Movie

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