Arp 116 (Interacting Galaxy, M60)

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Arp 116, M60
Interacting Galaxy (相互作用銀河)

分類 別名
(Other names)
M 60
(NGC 4649)
Gx E2 PGC 42831, UGC 7898, Arp 116 8.8
NGC 4647 Gx SBc PGC 42816, UGC 7896, Arp 116 11.4

星座 (Constellation)
おとめ座 (Vir) (Virgo)

距離 (Distance)
5,490万光年 (54.9 million light-years)

同年M58, M59とともにシャルル・メシエによって発見されている。
メシエは同年「M58, M59よりはっきりしている。3個の星雲に星を含まない」と記している。



NGC 4649 (Arp 116, M60) is an interacting galaxy located 54.9 million light years from the Earth in the constellation Virgo.

Arp 116 (Interacting Galaxy, M60) : Picture

Messier 60 and NGC 4647 (Arp 116)
Messier 60 and NGC 4647(Upper Right)
The galaxy pair Arp 116. The faint bluish spiral galaxy NGC 4647 is much lower in mass and about two thirds the size of Messier 60, which occupies the center of this image. NGC4647 is roughly the size of our galaxy, the Milky Way.

Two very different galaxies drift through space together in this image taken by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. The peculiar galaxy pair is called Arp 116.

Arp 116 is composed of a giant elliptical galaxy known as Messier 60, and a much smaller spiral galaxy, NGC 4647.

Messier 60 is the third brightest galaxy in the Virgo cluster of galaxies, a collection of more than 1,300 galaxies. Messier 60 has a diameter of 120,000 light-years, and a mass of about one trillion times that of the sun. A huge black hole of 4.5 billion solar masses lies at its center, one of the most massive black holes ever found.

The faint bluish spiral galaxy NGC 4647 is about two thirds of Messier 60 in size and much lower in mass -- roughly the size of our galaxy, the Milky Way.

Astronomers have long tried to determine whether these two galaxies are actually interacting. Although looking at them from Earth, they overlap, but there is no evidence of new star formation, which would be one of the clearest signs that the two galaxies are indeed interacting. However, recent studies of very detailed Hubble images suggest the onset of some tidal interaction between the two.

Arp 116 (Interacting Galaxy, M60) : Movie

Zoom into Arp 116
This video zooms in from a view of the night sky, through the constellation of Virgo, and into a Hubble view of galaxy pair Arp 116.

Pan across Arp 116
This video shows Hubble observations of Arp 116, a pair of galaxies in the constellation of Virgo. It is made up of M60, a large elliptical galaxy, and a smaller, bluer spiral galaxy, NGC 4647. It has long been unclear whether the two galaxies are actually interacting, or whether they simply appear close together from our distant vantage point. However, detailed studies of Hubble pictures suggest that the pair are beginning to experience tidal forces.
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